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Financial Services
Part-time/Interim Financial Executives


Many privately held companies can benefit from a senior financial advisor or part-time chief financial officer.  Often companies delay the hiring of a CFO until they have a full-time need and/or can afford a full-time salary.  During the interim, non-financial company personnel often perform the function.  With Bridgestreet, you can make a seasoned chief financial officer a part of your team on a part-time or hourly basis.  This individual will be available to you 24/7 on an as needed basis.

Sometimes a company may need a CFO or controller for a limited period.  Possibly until a full-time person can be hired or until an event occurs which eliminates the need.  Bridgestreet can help out in these circumstances as well by staffing your short-term needs with a seasoned professional who can hit the ground running.




Bridgestreet's financial executives are experts at both debt and equity financing.  Based on your unique circumstances, we will help you select a financing source that best suits your requirements.  And whether you need a revolving line of credit, private equity , or something in between, we can help you obtain the best possible terms.


Cash Management


Maximizing and safeguarding your cash is probably one of your top concerns.  Bridgestreet's financial executives bring a wealth of treasury management experience to the table.  From sophisticated banking systems to statement reconciliations, we can help ensure that none of your valuable resources are falling between the cracks.




In life, there is no crystal ball to help you see the future.  Fortunately, in business you have forecasts and projections to help guide your way.  By identifying key business drivers, these valuable tools can help you predict financial outcomes with a high degree of reliability.  Additionally, scenario planning can help you make the right business decisions fully infomed of the likely outcome.


Financial Analysis and Planning


Bridgestreet's consultants are experts at sorting through complex circumstances and identifying core business issuesA fresh look from an independent party can often reveal new issues and opportunities.  In addition to financial analysis, we can help you establish an effective budget process, which will dramatically improve your control over your business.


Income Taxes


Bridgestreet's affiliated tax professionals have a high degree of expertise in both tax planning and compliance.  With the ever increasing complexity of federal, state and local tax laws, having a dedicated tax professional assist you in the process is a solid decision.  And if you already have an issue with a taxing authority, we can help you bring it to an amicable resolution.




Basic accounting produces the foundation upon which much of your financial information is built.  Without accurate and timely accounting, it is not possible to have the financial information that you need.  Whether its assistance with the monthly closing process, or implementing a complicated new accounting requirement, Bridgestreet's CPA's can provide the service you need.


Project Management


Bridgestreet's professionals have managed many projects over the course of their careers.  This experience coupled with a dedicated resource, will get things done.  Simultaneously, your personnel can maintain their focus where their experience and expertise are best applied....on your business.  Our expertise will allow you to get the results you expect from your key initiatives.