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Bridgestreet Financial offers a broad range of services to help you maximize the potential of your business.  Bridgestreet's affiliated consultants have on average 20 years of experience within their fields and have held prominant positions with national  and international corporations.  You can get the absolute best service at a reasonable cost.
Financial Services

Bridgestreet Financial specializes in providing part-time and hourly CFO/Controller/CPA services to businesses that do not need a full-time financial executive, but could benefit by having one available on an as needed basis. 

Additionally, Bridgestreet offers traditional accounting and tax services.

OD & Training Services


Bridgestreet is a full-service consulting firm committed to helping you achieve your organizational success.  We create strategic organizational development and training programs tailored to your specific objectives.  We deliver tangible bottom line results with exceptional quality and value. 

The current demands of doing business place a premium on performance.  Your business needs effective strategies for supporting change, improving efficiency and ensuring you are maximizing your human capital.  We will work with your team to manage the process of taking your business to the next level - creating measurable results, strategically and professionally.

We like what we do.  That means we work to develop imaginative, innovative, and economical solutions that are appropriate for your business environment.  We strive to be creative, so your employees find the materials appealing and compelling to use.

Dental Practice Management

Bridgestreet Financial has extensive experience in dental practice management and administration.  Dentistry as an industry is in a state of evolution.  Historically, dentistry has been composed primarily of sole practitioners and small groups.  Very similarly to what has already occurred in optical, pharmacy and medicine, dentistry is transitioning to larger group practice.  With larger groups currently composing approximately 3% of the industry, you can expect a significant increase in their presence to the future.

Whether you are a single practitioner or a large group practice, Bridgestreet Financial can help you manage your practice to the highest level and successfully negotiate the future.