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Chief Financial Officer Services


Many privately held companies can benefit from a senior financial advisor or part-time chief financial officer.  Often companies delay the hiring of a CFO until they have a full-time need and/or can afford a full-time salary.  During the interim, non-financial company personnel often perform the function.  With Bridgestreet, you can have a seasoned chief financial officer as part of your team on a part-time or hourly basis that is available to you 24/7 on an as needed basis.

Financial Reporting


Good financial management starts with good financial reporting.  Without accurate numbers you can't tell where you've been or where you are going.  Additionally, those numbers must be summarized and arranged into understandable formats that allow you to easily understand your financial circumstances.  Additionally, as part of a monthly financial meeting, your financial information will be reviewed and relevant information highlighted for your attention.  Many operating personnel find financial reports to be "just a wall of numbers".  A CFO can filter that "wall" down to what you need to know and help you interpret what your reports are saying.  Without this help, many companies struggle with understanding their financial reports and frequently misinterpret them.  With the assistance of a seasoned CFO, operating personnel can more easily understand key financial information and better focus their time on operations where they produce the most value.


Budgeting and Planning

 Many companies struggle with the budgeting and planning process.  Typically both their experience in this area and their ability to produce accurate future looking financial information are limited.  A key component of optimizing your financial results is an effective budgeting and planning process.   This process coupled with an effective financial reporting process will allow you to keep your thumb on the pulse of your business.  Continually understanding how you are tracking against your plan will allow you make the miriad of course corrections that are needed to achieve your desired results.  An effective budgeting and planning process will allow you to make your future a pre-determined outcome.




In life, there is no crystal ball to help you see the future.  Fortunately, in business you have forecasts and projections to help guide your way.  By identifying key business drivers, these valuable tools can help you predict financial outcomes with a high degree of reliability.  Additionally, scenario planning can help you make the right business decisions fully infomed of the likely outcome.


Cash Management


Cash management is important to all companies.  But, is especially so for growing companies that are leveraging their cash position.  Determining how much money you need to fund a strategic initiative, acquisition, working capital, or debt service is critical.  As is determining where you will get these dollars from.   Cash management is the common thread that is interwoven throughout a company's financial reporting, bugeting/planning, forecasting/projecting and banking/financing processes.  Bridgestreet can bring this picture into clear focus for you.



Having a seasoned CFO will allow you to understand your banking/financing alternatives.  Based on your unique circumstances, they can help you select a financing source that best suits your requirements.  And once that financing is secured, they will assist you in maintaining compliance with your financial covenants.  For instance, what actions might you need to take today to ensure that you are in compliance two or three quarters from now?


GAAP Assistance/Income Taxes


Bridgestreet has extensive experience is providing GAAP assistance to client's of all sizes.  The yearend financial reporting process becomes increasingly complex each year.  Even companies with experienced CFO's can sometimes benefit from assistance with their financial reporting.  Particularly in the area of income taxes and the associated footnote disclosures.  Prior to the Sarbanes-Oxely Act, the Big Four and other large accounting firms provided these services to their clients.  However, independence requirements can now prevent this.  In these circumstances, Bridgestreet can be a cost effective solution to getting through your yearend audit.


Transaction Assistance


Are you buying or selling a company?  Bridgestreet has been party to hundreds of transactions.  Quality of earnings, future looking financial information, pro forma financial presentations, senior/mezzanine/equity financing, legal documents, valuation/pricing, information memorandums, strategic fit, administrative integration, financial staff evaluation and deal negotiations are all areas that Bridgestreet can assist you with.