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Credit Card Processing

Do you accept credit cards as a form of payment?  Do you feel that your monthly statements are overly complex and hard to understand?  Do you feel that you are over-paying for your current processing?  In all honesty, you probably are.  Many processors hide their fees behind complex monthly statements that make it difficult if not impossible to understand what you are paying for.  Bridgestreet removes the "smoke and mirrors" to help you understand your credit card processing fees.  Why do we do this?  It's simple.  If you understand your pricing, you understand what a great deal you are getting with Bridgestreet.  That is good for obtaining new clients and good for retaining existing clients.  It's that simple.

Merchant Services


Bridgestreet offers a full compliment of merchant services:

1.  Accept all major credit cards.

2.  Check/ACH services.

3.  Gift cards.

4.  Next day funding.

5.  Recurring billing.

6.  Electronic invoicing.

7.  24/7/365 support.

8.  On-line account management.

 Do you have a unique processing need?  Let Bridgestreet customize a solution for you.

Equipment Options


Bridgestreet brings to you a wide variety of processing options:

1.  EMV compliant credit card terminals.

2.  Point of sales systems with inventory management.

3.  Mobile solutions.

4.  Virtual terminals.

5.  Website gateways and shopping carts.

Regardless of your unique processing requirements, Bridgestreet has a cost effective solution for you.




Bridgestreet utilizes Interchange Plus pricing.  This pricing produces the most efficient result for the merchant.  Interchange rates are fixed by the card companies (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and vary by card type.  These rates are uniformly charged to all processors and are publicly available on the card company websites.  Bridgestreet passes these rates on to the merchant with a small processing fee.  All rates and fees are detailed on your monthly statement so that you can understand exactly what you are being charged for your processing.  Bridgestreet strives to eliminate the mystery in card processing charges.  We want you to know exactly how great a deal you are getting!


Your Savings


Want to find out what your savings will be?  It's easy!  Just send one of your credit card statements to  We'll calculate your annual savings and walk you through the calculation so you can independently verify the amount!




Bridgestreet strives to minimize the effort for you to convert over.  Typically, the total time invested by you is just minutes.  That includes everything from sending in the statement to processing your first credit card.  There are few other things that you can do to produce a higher return on your time.  It's literally like "found money".  At the end of the day, you are simply taking money that is currently flowing into your processor's pocket and putting it back in yours!