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Quick Self-Assessment


Many people consider consulting to be an expense.  At Bridgestreet, we view it as an investment based on a cost versus benefit analysis.  In all cases, our consulting is expected to produce more value than expense.  The following self-assessment will give you a quick read on whether you could benefit from an investment in our services.  Additionally, we would be glad to meet with you at no charge to discuss further the potential benefit we may be able to bring to you.




Virtually all growing businesses can benefit from additional capital.  Find out what resources are available to you, and how you can best achieve your objectives.

  1. Is too much of your personal wealth locked-up in your business?
  2. Do you have adequate capital resources to weather a downturn in business?
  3. Do you have adequate capital resources to capitalize on opportunities?
  4. Could your business benefit from a capital infusion?
  5. Is your current bank supportive of both you and your business?
  6. Could you benefit from assistance with bank negotiations?


Information and Systems


As your business grows, you become increasingly dependent on information to manage it and systems to process and deliver that information.  In today's competitive environment, you simply must be completely on-top of your business every minute of every day.

  1. Do your current financial and management reports provide all the information you need to manage your business?
  2. Do you receive it on a timely basis and is it accurate?
  3. Can you accurately forecast cash receipts and disbursements?
  4. Can you accurately forecast financial results?
  5. Does your budget process deliver an accurate and realistic plan for the future?
  6. Do you have a multi-year business plan?
  7. Do you have a process to actively monitor actual results against your plan and do you take appropriate corrective action?
  8. Are your systems integrated to the level they should be for a business of your size?
  9. Are your systems currently operating up to your expectations?
  10. Do you have appropriate disaster recovery safeguards in place?


Projects and Resources


Frequently businesses can benefit from a temporary increase in resources to complete key projects and initiatives.  In addition, expertise which may not be available internally can be brought to bear on a particular effort.  Dedicated outside resources can shorten completion times and allow you and your people to focus on your business.

  1. Do you have access to an experienced financial executive to advise you on financial aspects of your business?
  2. Could your accounting department benefit from a monthly review by a seasoned CPA?
  3. Are important projects or initiatives being delayed due to a lack of internal resources?
  4. Do you have the appropriate internal expertise to ensure that you achieve the desired outcome?
  5. Can internal personnel take on more responsibility and/or assume a higher workload?
  6. Does the cost of a consultant exceed the benefit associated with a particular project or initiative?


Controls and Cash Management


Incidences of employee theft are extremely common.  Virtually all businesses experience it at some point, and for some, it is an ongoing festering problem.  Today's computer systems and banking services make controlling and managing your cash easier than it has ever been.  Bridgestreet can help ensure that you are maximizing your benefits and minimizing your exposure in this area.

  1. Have there been any thefts which have occurred at your business?
  2. If yes, did they occur over an extended period of time?
  3. Have you ever consulted with a cash management expert?
  4. Are vendors paid accurately and on-time?
  5. Do billing processes ensure the fastest possible receipt of cash without sacrificing customer serivce?
  6. Do you utilize a lockbox arrangement to establish control over cash receipts?
  7. Are checks and cash handled in the corporate office or business locations?
  8. Do you feel that your cash controls are effective in deterring theft?




Having completed the self-assessment, you should at this time have some feel for the benefit we could potentially bring to your company.  We expect that any decision to use our services would be based on the associated benefit far exceeding the cost.  And again, there is no charge for an initial consultation to further explain our services and help identify where we may be of benefit to you.